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Working with Grain Buckets

By Caron J Rose

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Grain buckets are used to handle grain. They are large steel devices that can be driven into a pile of grain in order to scoop up a large quantity of it. The bucket can be attached to a mechanical loader that can lift up the bucket and transport the grain to another place. The bucket usually has a tipping mechanism, or the loader does, and in this way the grain can be tipped out on to another area, or into the container body of a truck for transport.

Made of mild steel plate, grain buckets are usually around 5 millimetres in thickness. They can be designed to hold different capacities, depending on needs. The buckets have reinforced leading edges to enhance and prolong the working lifetime of the unit. The inside of the bucket also has a stiff bracing part to prevent unnecessary bending and warping. Underneath the bucket there are steel wearing strips, which also provide a degree of rigidity, as well as prolonging the working life of the bucket. The wearing strips, reinforcement and bracing parts are welded in place.

A fixing bracket is attached to the back of the bucket to allow its attachment to a mechanical loader or telescopic handler. The bracket is usually adjustable to allow fixing to a range of loaders and handlers.

Grain buckets are not usually built for heavy work. Unlike the type of bucket used in a quarry where rock and rock aggregate is moved, these buckets are of lighter construction. However, it is possible to have a kind of all-purpose bucket where digging teeth can be attached when needed. These buckets are usually built from thicker steel plate, and they have extra bracing and wearing strips added.

The buckets can also be designed for use with a mast-type forklift. These have their own tipping mechanism that can be driven through the forklift’s own hydraulic system. If high tipping is required, a bucket is available that allows this through an undercarriage that is pivoted by means of a double acting hydraulic ram to achieve additional loading height.

This article is contributed by Caron Rose, writing on the subject of agricultural machinery and fabrication. Visit the Murray Machinery website to find out more about the wide range of standard and custom made grain buckets, bale handlers and tractor loader attachments available.

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